Discover Innovation

Discover Innovation

Shoof Equine is a subsidiary brand of Shoof International Ltd, developer, manufacturer, importer, exporter and marketer of veterinary and animal breeding equipment. Founded in 1973, Shoof International has grown into a global innovation-led company. Sourced from reputable suppliers or developed by our own engineers, our products are sold around the world.

Shoof is founded on a tradition of farm-grown innovation and education - a pioneering spirit that has gone beyond the everyday and introduced unique and hard-to-find products to equine owners, farmers, lifestyle farmers, veterinarians and farriers everywhere. For us, legacy is about thinking of the future, ensuring what we provide is aligned to the fundamental principle of helping you achieve more every day.

Shoof Equine builds on Shoof’s long reputation and brings innovative and unique equine management, health and stable products, horse covers, dog products and a range of equestrian clothing to the mainstream New Zealand and Australian equestrian audiences. We work closely with leading global brands to bring quality products (in many cases exclusively) to our local markets and pride ourselves in our quick and helpful customer support service.

Our mission is inspired by the latest in innovation and providing quality solutions to improve the health and well-being of equines, canines and their handlers.

To locate your nearest Shoof Equine stockist, please email our customer service team, or get in touch with us on +64 7 827-3902.